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10 Mar Bloch
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Bloch has developed from a point as obvious innovator in the technical dance into a doubtlessly motivational, ahead thinking modern dance shoes-making manufacturer. The Bloch for dancers' merchandi..
10 Mar Overview of Victoria's Secret scents
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Scent division according to Victoria’s Secret: An irrisistible, fresh fragrance – Endless Love, Sheer Love, Secret Charm A tempting, fruity fragrance – Strawberries and Champagne, Pear Glace, Mang..
10 Mar Essie nail polish
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In 1981 Essie Weingarten founded Essie Cosmetics. Since her childhood she was interested in nail polish, so when she turned 12 she owned her 1st manicure. „I believe I were my nail ​technician's y­oun..
10 Mar Latin dances
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Numerous famous dances started in Latin-America, hence are generally known as Latin-dances. International Latin is the term of a category of International style ballroom dances. International Latin is..
10 Mar The scents types overview
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  Aromatic The basic notes of this scent type are sage, lavender, rosemary, cumin and other plants with a very intensive aroma. They are often in combination with citrus and spicy notes. Floral ..
10 Mar Jil Sander Man Absolute
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Jil Sander as a fashion designer Jil Sander performs majority of her activities in women's apparel, though she carries fashion accessories and fragrance ranges. Jil Sander is well-known for using of ..
10 Mar Moschino L’Eau Cheap and Chic
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Creative house of Moschino Moschino provides three lines: Moschino (men and women clothing), Moschino Cheap and Chic (women's supplemental product range introduced in 1988 ) jointly with Love Moschin..
10 Mar Moschus
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There exists 4 kinds of musk – an organic musk acquired from the musk deer, organic musks from different animals or herbs , artificial musk molecules and also musk fragrances. Every group could stand ..
10 Mar Let the world know what you think...
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Something bothers you? Your company, your new fragrance or your girlfriend? Write it here. CouCou gives an opportunity for you to express yourself and let the steam off. We are giving stace to writer..
10 Mar Rare fragrances based on your blood type
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Rare Fragrances As the creators believe "blood is the river of life", their concept of 4 unisex fragrances enhances the human nature. Their concept raised a lot of press attention and it was first in..
02 Aug Herrera Aqua by Carolina Herrera
tomas 3 2599
Designer house Carolina Herrera represents a leading position in the world of perfumes and fashion. Carolina Herrera was born in Venezuela in the capital Caracas. She was born in 1939. The fashion wor..
02 Aug The Dog in need
tomas 1 2217
What is “Dog in need” ? Dog in need is a civil organization placed in Budča and Pezinok, based " to help unwanted and maltreated dogs to find a family ". It is being almost six years, since they have..
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