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About Us

Who we are and what we do…

CouCou is a unique company of its kind.  We specialize in seeking for scarce products, products that are no longer manufactured and sold only in small numbers. We are here to seek perfumes, cosmetics or anything else what you had used and now you can’t buy.  ​

It happens that manufacturers discontinue some products from the market and people have to search for alternatives.  Now all you have to do to find your favourite product is to fill in the request form and we will try our best to deliver the product to you. Our satisfied customers from all over the world are a proof that we have really good at what we do. CouCou offers services at international level through our website

People often ask what “scare product” is. The scare products are goods no longer manufactured, limited editions or already discontinued product lines. Essentially, anything you consider rare, scarce or hard-to-find we try to deliver. One of the most demanding products is Moschus perfume oil which was sold in 1980’s and nowadays is no longer produced. Many female customers were pleased to discover we still them. They experienced feeling of nostalgia and nice recollections came back thanks to CouCou. It is important to comprehend the notion of price changes of rare products. Since they are of limited number in the market the rule is “smaller the number higher the price.

Reviews of our customers:

"I am sending you this email in order to thank you for our recent transaction.  As you know, my father and I were looking to buy a bottle of Magic Love perfume for my mother for Christmas.  Fortunately, you had one bottle available and not only reserved it for me but waited patiently while I got organized through Paypal.  After I had paid, the item was shipped and delivered in excellent conidition and in time for Christmas.  My mother was quite surprised to get this perfume knowing how rare it is.  I am very appreciative for your communication and integrity in this matter.  Please feel free to provide my email as a reference for future customers. Thank you again."
 (Ryan Callioux,  Edmonton, Albera, Canada, 4.1.2012)


What other business activities we have?

CouCou offers complex custom-made services to businesses and companies. It is best explained on an example we have already done. Company needed certain number of tables and chairs for an event delivered within a specific date. They told us detailed requirements and a price range and we prepared our offer for them. The offer contained different product variants and price ranges. We agreed on the delivery terms and completed the deal. This way we help other companies to focus on their core business and leave purchasing and logistics on us.

What we did...

We have looked for a military tent, a motorbike wind-shield, a portable high frequency spot remover, roll-up banners, crocs flip flops, non-stop ink cartridges, a megaphone, perfume atomizers, tracksuits, dance shoes etc. We help companies save time and money. The positive feedback and their use of our services are sign of their satisfaction.

Behind us...

CouCou also prepares corporate presents for companies and these are later given to employees during anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas period, etc. We have clients from different countries. We gift-wrap all packages, categorize them according to their requests and carefully deliver to their address.

CouCou is here for people who do not want to let go something they like and for people with no fear to request it. People often want to please their close friends and the ideal gift is something what is a rarity nowadays. People want to own things others do not have. They want to feel special and you can make them feel this way with CouCou. If the product you are looking for is not on our website, feel free to fill in the request form with no obligations and we will do all we can to find it.

​You can always find it with CouCou…