What is “Dog in need” ?

Dog in need is a civil organization placed in Budča and Pezinok, based " to help unwanted and maltreated dogs to find a family ". It is being almost six years, since they have first saved animal life, provided shelter, daily care and necessary attention, which is often lacking. Moreover, they systematically participate in the improvement of Slovak dogs care laws.

And we sweated

" Thomas, take Bubo for a little walk, he is intolerant. "Commanded Dominica. Initially, we had a feeling, that a strong Bubo replaced Tomino´s post of the handler and it looked more like a dancing for us.

When a gate slammed, we did not waste much time and straight rushed into assistance. But, what to do ? Dominika first let out all 13 dogs, what highlighted andrenaline in the blood,  because you can´t simply hide on a straightway. But! Dogs were so nice to us, it literally sat us down on the ground. Seriously. Bushido has a strenght of three men and when he jumps, you can just hope in a soft impact .

When all the dogs were snuggled enough, we went to work. We washed dens, garnered residues of old blankets, then added wather and granules. In the winter staff has to bring own wather, because the plastic tank would burst and unfortunately, there is no other way .

​We were enthusiastic. Our three members crew completed one of two veterinarians - David, who came to chip dogs. He controlled if there are no other chips on the left or right side of a neck and alternatively some on bladebones (you never know) and with Dominika´s help, he worked quickly. Then he vaccinated few of them and with great asisstant - Erika, none of dogs yowled. All medicine is paid by careful sponsors .

Dogs larked so bad, we had a problem with closing them back for a little while, when Thomas returned from the stroll with Bubo. After  Bubo´s treatmen, he ran around yard, but was quite calm, until he got back into his place and turned wild again. He almost tossed out his daily food allocation. When we let the dogs out, Tomino could finally participated in cuddling. He took perch on a garden bench and welcomed them with opened arms. Bendy, whom they found in a gypsy village, was jumping on him the most. Snow White, thrown on the highway, was interested in Erika and my eyes caught little Fidorka, who has a sad story too, because part of her ear is missing. By the way, names for dogs are really creative and never repeated .

There were three puppies,  in the shelter, but two of them are already adopted. On the day of our visit, there was a new home waiting for a small puppy, whose original owner left him with a note, he doesn´t like kids. About things like this, must be people always informed in advance.

The whole “Dog in need”  team is composited of 4  volunteers alternated during the week, one more cares for marketing, another  volunteer is responsible for charity exchange and one assist in Pezinok. We are pleased, that we took part in such activity and after three hours, satisfied and clapped went home, accompanied with barking and a pile of rubbish, which happily smelled in the car.

I also want to help

People love to help, that is why they notify vagabond dogs. Cases are different. Wounded dogs are also not new. Once has even happened, that some kind soul threw the dog straight above their high fence. Another reason why video camera guardes now. The real help comes from the support of the “Dog in need”. Except  finance, there are needed material gifts such as: the need for first aid (pipette against fleas, BETADIN), brushes, kennels, or something for shelter running: buckets, bowls, shovels, rakes...

On the fb page, they add information about events, especially about popular “Common walking”, what is a good idea of joining in a good thing. You can also contact the official site where are listed information about the organization its activities and also about dogs.

We believe that CouCou team did not participated in such voluntary action for the last time and that the “Dog in need” will open its doors for us again. Positive energy, which four-legged pets left in us was following us for next few days after our assistance.