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Brand: CouCou Model: bampo159
Bampo - foldable wooden desk you may enjoy while working on your laptop, reading a book, writing or anything else you need to do in a horizontal position. Even if you want to have your work on my knees in front of the TV. Is ideal when you are tired, ill or have a craving for breakfast in bed or you..
Brand: CouCou Model: bokee08
Bokee is very handy shelf hidden from the eyes of all. This designer gadget allows you to store your favorite books anywhere on the wall and making them seem to hang in the air. capacity up to 8kg dimensions: 14x13x4cm..
Brand: CouCou Model: tube901
Unique design = beautify the environment 3 lines and 10 metro stops (coat hooks) Material: iron Dimensions: 57.8 x 3.8 x 20.3 cm..
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