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Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml

Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml
Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml
Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml
Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml
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Moschus Wild Love EDT 50ml
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Perfumes manufactured in the 80s of the 20th century. Nowadays it is produced only in small quantities and to find this perfume is rare. Moschus was sold boxed and without the box 20 to 30 years ago in various stores.

License to produce Moschus Wild Love EDT acquired several companies that produced them with and without boxes. In 1994, one of the licensing company changed the bottle design and modified the smell. It is difficult to determine where the smell was made because there is no date on the bottle or on the box... more

Moschus Wild Love EDT is a discontinued fragrance. Moschus Wild Love EDT sill has many fans who if looking for this fragrance must visit our website :) CouCou can deliver various rare and scarce fragrances no longer produced. If you crave after something different to Moschus Wild Love EDT we might be able to deliver it to you. Just fill in our request form.

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