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Corspine II - electronic device against bad posture

Corspine II - electronic device against bad posture
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Corspine II - electronic device against bad posture

Corspine II helps prevent and eliminate slowching. In addition it helps to regulate the protruding abdomen (especially important for women!) and asymmetry of arms which is often caused by carrying heavy backpacks or bags on one shoulder. This new product allows simultaneous correction of 3 types of postural deviations or, alternatively, can focus only on one.

Corspine II is intended for use for children, youth and adults - for the whole family. Corspine II is recommended to wear 2-3 times a day for about 15 minutes, while watching TV, working on the computer, writing, etc.

How does it work?

The audio signal is triggered when a person loosens the abdomen or shoulders or simply slouches. The signal alerts the user to rectify the relevant muscle groups and to correct the bad posture. Corspine II helps in developing good postural habits in a natural way by strengthening the relevant muscles.


Corspine II is powered by two small batteries that would not normally require replacement during the life of the product because the audio signal is not activated most of the time.
Corspine II can be used by people of all body types: slim and chubby, short but also high. Straps around the body are fully adjustable for everyone's fit. Adjustable sizes are available from XS to XXL.

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