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CouCou Neutralizer 60ml - Travalo cleaner

CouCou Neutralizer 60ml - Travalo cleaner
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CouCou Neutralizer is designed for cleaning perfume atomizers. Specially created liquid washes out your old fragrance and you can use your atomizerr over and over again.

CouCou Neutralizer cleans the atomizer from you old scent so you can fill it with your new perfume and use it over and over again.

Volume: 60 ml of the neutralizing liquid for more than 15 wash-outs

How to use:

    Spray out thoroughly all residual perfume which can still be left in the atomizer.
    Fill Travalo with CouCou Neutralizer
    Give it a good shake so your old perfume will mix with the cleaning liquid
    Spray out the liquid out of Travalo and you are good to go.

Volume 60ml

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