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Brand: Penhaligon`s Model: pen01
Penhaligon`s Blenheim Bouquet is a perfume for men introduced in 1902. It has dominating citrus, aromatic and fresh spicy accords which make Penhaligon`s Blenheim Bouquet a citrus aromatic fragrance. Penhaligon`s Blenheim Bouquet is a discontinued fragrance. Penhaligon`s Blenheim Bouque..
Brand: Penhaligon`s Model: pen02
Penhaligon`s Elisabethan Rose is a perfume for ladies introduced in 1984. It has dominating floral, aldehydic and rose accords which make Penhaligon`s Elisabethan Rose a floral aldehyde fragrance. Penhaligon`s Elisabethan Rose is a discontinued fragrance. Penhaligon`s Elisabethan Rose&n..
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