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OMEGA-3 HP+I highly purified natural fish oil with organically bound iodine

OMEGA-3 HP+I highly purified natural fish oil with organically bound iodine
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Highly purified natural fish oil with organically bound iodine 150 mcg / 5 ml

Synergy - iodine in connection with omega-3 fatty acids.
It provides a dual advantage of ensuring a highly absorbable and biologically usable form of iodine. Also, it supplies the body with essential omega-3 fatty acids. The synergy of the two essential nutrients provides mutual support effect and thereby improves healing efficiency for several diseases.

Organically bound iodine - antiproliferative effects
Cancer cells, compared with healthy cells, contain in their walls 10 times higher concentration of arachidonic acids (omega-6). Studies have demonstrated that organically bound iodine has capacity to preferentially bind itself to the arachidonic acids and form so-called iodolactones. Cellular iodolactones have the ability to induce programmed cells termination. Because cancer cells have a higher concentration of arachidonic acid, the effect is preferably directed to cancer cells. Iodolactones also restrict excessive, uncontrolled cell division. Omega-3 fatty acids with their anti-inflammatory power multiply this effect. OMEGA-3 HP + I is recommended for oncological diseases as part of an alternative therapy or chemotherapy.

Minimizes sensitivity of women’s estrogen receptors
Useful in treating of the fibrocystic breast and ovary diseases. Antiproliferative effects of organically bound iodine limit excessive cell division in developing cysts. Omega-3 fatty acids act synergistically and anti-inflammatory.

Helps with reduced function of the thyroid 
Helps to increase production of thyroxine and thus reduce the dose hormone replacement, or in the early stages to completely avoid the need to use synthetic hormone replacement. Recommended against thyroid inflammation with signs of hypertrophy = inflammation.

Dry eye syndrome
Iodine is essential for the functioning of all glands, production of digestive juices, saliva and tears. Iodine deficiency as well as omega-3 fatty acids can lead to dry eye syndrome. Both nutritional components of the composition act synergistically - together in the prevention and supportive treatment of dry eye syndrome. They reduce eye inflammation, protect the retina, improve the production of the tear film and increase its hydrophilic-lipophilic stability.

Contents: 270 ml, 54 daily doses for adults

Ingredients: Highly purified fish oil derived from whole northern cod, organically bound iodine. Without preservatives, antioxidants, clean.
5 ml (4.6 g) comprises of: Omega-3 EPA: 874mg, DHA: 598mg ALA: 368mg. Organically bound iodine 150 mcg.

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