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Essie nail polish

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In 1981 Essie Weingarten founded Essie Cosmetics. Since her childhood she was interested in nail polish, so when she turned 12 she owned her 1st manicure. „I believe I were my nail ​technician's y­oungest customer ever and nail polish has become my addiction since that time,“ confides the constantly honest Essie.

Determined by her enthusiasm and her natural capability to fill in on the most modern shades, Essie Weingarten and her partner Max Sortino formed a very prosperous nail care business. In the footsteps of cosmetic leaders before her, Essie produced her collection gradually, beginning with only just twelve colors together with three nail treatments.

Essie believed Vegas could be the ideal location to release her goods. „After all , the individuals who work in Vegas – the showgirls , dancers , dealers – were required to look after their hands and look great for their work,“ she says . Today , four of the initial twelve shades continue to be selling still well along with : Baby's Breath , Black Cherry , Blanc, and Bordeaux.

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