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Latin dances

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Numerous famous dances started in Latin-America, hence are generally known as Latin-dances. International Latin is the term of a category of International style ballroom dances. International Latin is made up of the following 5 dances : cha cha, rumba, samba , paso doble together with jive. Those dances now are danced around the world due to Dance-Sport competitions and also are danced by amateurs.


It was established in Brazil in the course of the 19th century, samba is regarded as the dance of festivity and also happiness at Carnival events in Rio de Janeiro. Dynamic and also rhythmical, there are numerous forms of Samba dances, the same as there are different of kinds of samba songs. Ballroom samba, beloved Latin dances in ballroom tournaments, consists of several South-American dances blended into 1. In Brazil, a samba dancer is referred to as a sambista. Before samba started to be a ballroom dance, there had been various types of couple dances and also single samba dances. Just like the single samba, couple ballroom samba offers a fast beat which needs quick foot-work. Through the years, the samba has included extravagant tricks, spins as well as acrobatic feats into samba's standard group of figures. Samba's main characteristics are quick steps on quarter beats..


Cha Cha Cha

The Cha Cha Cha is another famous dance amongst the amateur Latin American dancers. Dynamic as well as flirty, the Cha Cha Cha is filled with enthusiasm and electricity. The Cha Cha Cha is a vivid, extravagant and also mischievous dance. The light and bubbly feel of the Cha Cha Cha gives it a unique sense of fun for dancers throughout the world . The Cha Cha Cha demands little steps and plenty of hip action ( Cuban movement ), since it is danced in 4/4 rhythm. The 4th beat is didvided into 2, delivering it the characteristic 2 ,3 ,4 and 1 rhythm. Thus, 5 steps are danced to 4 beats as in the "One , two , cha cha cha" tempo.



The Rumba is a dance that reveals a tale of romance between a dominant man and a submissive female. Filled with sensual actions, the Rumba is recognized by many to be the sexiest of the ballroom dances.


Paso Doble

Paso Doble is a dynamic dance representing a bullfight between a toreador (matador), the man, and a bull, the woman. Paso doble translates into English as two-step. The Paso Doble is a spanish dance considered to be cocky and sensual.



Jive is last of the 5 International Latin dances. It is a dynamic dance taking a lot from East Coast Swing. Jive and East Coast Swing have several similar figures but also similar music tempo and dance style.


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