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The scents types overview

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The basic notes of this scent type are sage, lavender, rosemary, cumin and other plants with a very intensive aroma. They are often in combination with citrus and spicy notes.


The largest and most popular type of scents. The main ingredients are flower essences in conjunction with other components what creates different combinations.


These fragrances contain oak moss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot. These are drier, woody, elegant fragrances in combination with various notes.


The type of fresh fragrance with citrus base in combination with other notes. These are sports and energic fragrances.


The warm and rich composition of rare woods containing mostly santal wood, vetiver, cedar, exotic resins, etc.



The classic type of men’s fragrance containing fern, coumarin and often lavender.


The fresh spicy fragrance containing levander in combination with spice.


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