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Jil Sander Man Absolute

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Jil Sander as a fashion designer

Jil Sander performs majority of her activities in women's apparel, though she carries fashion accessories and fragrance ranges. Jil Sander is well-known for using of hugely costly materials and production techniques that make products such as simply cut light-weight pulowers value higher than other fashion designers' selection ranges. Jil Sander models have been referred to as "luxurious minimalism ." Fragrances are produced under agreements with Coty . Her initial perfume, Women Pure, debuted in 1979. More than 20 other fragrances were introduced since most of which are more recognised in Germany as opposed to the United States Of America.

Thierry Wasser - father of Man Absolute

Jil Sander Man Absolute grew to become beloved and widely used perfume. It was released in 2008. The creator behind this perfume is Thierry Wasser. Thierry comes from Switzerland. Thierry has always been enthusiastic about flowers as well as environment since childhood. He dehydrated plants in his loft and created several formulations among them syrups, liquors and also herbal teas. From ages 16 to 20, Thierry significantly followed his enthusiasm and received his Federal Diploma of Botany . Thierry went to the Givaudan Perfumery College in Geneva and grew to become a junior perfumer at the age of 4  A couple of years later, he was advanced to perfumer and was sent to Givaudan in Paris, where he managed to work for another 6 years in top perfumery. Thierry migrated to New York in 1994 and started working for Firmenich International Fine Fragrance Center as a top perfum creator. Thierry has developed perfumes in cooperation with Lancôme, Dior, Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Mary Kay, Avon, Bath&Body and GAP . Nowadays he resides and operates in Paris.

Jil Sander Man Absolute fragrance

Jil Sander Man Absolute by Jil Sander is a woody-aromatic perfume for gentlemen. Head accords are violet , grapefruit and also bergamot leaf. Heart accords are lavender as well as wormwood and bottom ones are cedar, agarwood together with leather. Jil Sander Man Absolute starts with a gorgeous mixture of revitalizing bergamot along with the instantly noticeable note of lavender. Moving onto the heart, the flowery note of violet is combined with a touch of absinth, the outcome is a soul that stay on for at least thirty minutes. Drying down unveils the cozy and unique accords of cedar as well as agarwood covered in an exquisite Russian leather note . Strong design, meaningful sensuality, Man Absolute multiplies Jil Sander’s natural, challenging design. This upscale mixture suggests a warmer, much more mystical model of Jil Sander Man. The strength is translated in the dark-blue flask by an innovative feel of yellow . A luminous, honest yellow reminds of a neon light in the darkness. In general, Jil Sander Man Absolute is a pleasing masculine fragrance, suitable for a guy who would like a lot more than a typical and classy fragrance, suitable for virtually any situation.

Jil Sander Man Absolute left market in 2011. He is becoming still more and more requested product. In a short time Man Absolute became a scare product and its availability is already limited. CouCou offers you a possibility to buy your fragrance, making you smell uniquely…

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