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There exists 4 kinds of musk – an organic musk acquired from the musk deer, organic musks from different animals or herbs , artificial musk molecules and also musk fragrances. Every group could stand for a specific musk supply with broad modifications of standards within the group.

Organic musk – was probably the most applied components in perfumery. Arctander states that it’s not just a great fixative , but it even cal lifts and gives soul to virtually any well-balanced fragrance. The significance of organic musk in perfumery may be viewed in Poucher’s “Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps” handbook in which he shows formulae for simple floral accords such as rose , lavender, and more. For every soliflore note he indicates a fragrance that may be created from the floral note by including of certain organic essential oils as well as absolutes, frequently ambergris tincture and nearly always a musk tincture. It’s as though the secret of bulky floral fragrance was = floral note ( or simply a mixture ) + related naturals + ambergris ( or it can be another animal component or orris ) + musk. The last one is almost obligatory for any perfume as it comes back almost in each perfume formula in this book.

Musk​ is acquired from the male-musk-deer ( Moschus moschiferus ) or even occasionally from different Moschus breed or additional animals such as muskrat. It’s a secretion of an internal pouch in the stomach. Even though it’s likely that you can gather the pouch without eliminating the deer , it has been a typical process to eliminate the deer . Over 70000 musk-deers were slaughtered yearly to deliver roughly 600 – 1510 kg of Musk . Based on an additional supply you would have to slaughter thirty – fifty deers to generate one kg of Musk. And the need for this supplement was increasing in spite of the cost which was two times its weight in gold.

Therefore in 1979 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( CITES ) as well as nationwide regulations started protecting the musk deer. Hefty cost, restrictions considerably limited the usage of organic musk in perfumery – you can’t see it any longer in fragrances. A lot of contemporary perfumers sometimes don’t even know how organic musk smell.


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