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Fixing baby pad against rollover

Fixing baby pad against rollover
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Fixing baby pad against rollover

White positioning pad for a baby will ensure restful sleep for your child. Due to its size it prevents overturning the child on the tummy so the baby can breathe more easily and reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The material is soft to the touch and allows the baby skin to breath and helps to reduce the risk of overheating.

  • It is recommended to use only for sleeping on baby's back
  • The pad is in the head section elevated helping to mitigate the baby's breathing and improves digestion
  • On the upper side is a tab which allows the baby to sleep in the child's original position thereby preventing flat head syndrome. It is best if you put the baby to sleep to its original position in the evening to ensure the change of the head positions
  • The material is breathable helping to reduce the risk of overheating
  • Pad is adjustable with velcro so you can set the size according to the size of your baby which extendeds its usage
  • Curved side edges correspond to the natural shape of a child
  • Dimensions : length 40 cm, width 31 cm, thickness 3 cm below the head, the body 1cm, the side walls on both sides (the widest dimension is 15cm and the shortest 10 cm (they are adjustable with velcro)
  • Suitable for children between 0-6 months
  • Color - white
  • Not sitable for infants up to 2.70 kg
  • Once your baby starts moving during sleep the pad is no longer needed
  • Made from 100 % cotton and its fully machine washable

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