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Coog - cooling grid for muffins, cookies or bread

Coog - cooling grid for muffins, cookies or bread
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Coog - cooling grid for muffins, cookies or bread

Excellent assistant for baking cakes, muffins, breads and other goodies. This multi-level storage grid ensures optimum cooling of dishes from all sides. Since it's three storey you do not have to worry that you'll have little space. Easy maintenance and storage.

  • three-storey storage design - enough space for everything
  • iron, bumpy, non-stick surface that is suitable for use with each type of food
  • folding structure (7.5 cm distance between each layer), easy storage
  • dimensions: each layer L: 39.5 cm x W: 25 cm
  • folding grilles can also be used independently
  • easy maintenance, easy to clean

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