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Bampo - foldable wooden desk

Bampo - foldable wooden desk
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Bampo - foldable wooden desk

Bampo - foldable wooden desk you may enjoy while working on your laptop, reading a book, writing or anything else you need to do in a horizontal position. Even if you want to have your work on my knees in front of the TV. Is ideal when you are tired, ill or have a craving for breakfast in bed or you need it for a picnic on the grass.

  • Solid bamboo construction 
  • Integrated socket, suitable for small items, pens, notepad and other 
  • Folding legs that can be adjusted according to your needs or simply fold them down when table not in use  
  • Adjustable height, the tilt of the table you can adjust according to your needs
  • Moisture-proof, just wipe with a cloth 
  • Design provides a small air vents to protect your notebook from overheating 
  • Dimensions approx. 50 x 30.8 x 25 cm when fully opened
  • The folding part (in the picture) is 34cm long


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