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Reminiscence Rem EDT 100ml

Reminiscence Rem EDT 100ml
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Reminiscence Rem EDT 100ml

Reminiscence Rem is a perfume for ladies and men introduced in 1996. It has dominating marine, salty and balmy accords which make Reminiscence Rem a floral aquatic fragrance.

Reminiscence Rem is a discontinued fragrance. Reminiscence Rem sill has many fans who if looking for this fragrance must visit our website :) CouCou can deliver various rare and scarce fragrances no longer produced. If you crave after something different to Reminiscence Rem we might be able to deliver it to you. Just fill in our request form.

Concentration eau de toilette
Fragrance notes
Base notes musk, tonka bean and vanilla
Middle notes fenugreek and patchouli
Top notes sea water, rose, lilac and jasmine
Fragrance type
Fragrance type floral aquatic
Volume 100ml
Designed for
Designed for unisex

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