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LavLight - toilet seat light (genius gadget)

LavLight - toilet seat light (genius gadget)
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LavLight - toilet seat light (genius gadget)

Especially men (but also ladies :)) know when they wake up in the night what a challenge can be not to "miss the toilet". LavLight will only illuminate the toilet so you do not have to turn on the dazzling light that distracts you from sleep. LavLight has 3 sensors that even sense the position of the toilet seat .... just brilliant.

Did you know during the sleep your body produces hormone called melatonin which ensures healthy sleep, stimulates the immune system and reduces the risk of breast cancer. Spontaneous production of melatonin is significantly suppressed at first sight quite innocent artificial lighting. Source: http://zdravie.pravda.sk/. So if you go to the toilet at night you should not turn on the light.
This can be prevented by using soft subdued light as used in LavLight. 
  • 3 different sensors make LavLight a genius gadget 
  • One sensor detects the lighting in the room and turns LavLight on only when it is dark in the toilet 
  • the second is a motion sensor, so LavLight turns on only when approached
  • third sensor is determining the position of the toilet seat. If the board up so LavLight light is red and when the board is down the green light is on  
  • easy installation - simply stick LavLight to the lid with the included double-sided tape 
  • genious device and great gift for men 
  • operates on 2 AA batteries (not included)

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