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Bath & Body Works

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The idea of bringing beautiful fragrances to every home inspired the birth of a retail Bath & Body Works in Ohio, in 1990. Since 2006, when the first commercial for a perfume sounded in Tv, has daily care products covered by Limited Brands become successful. Nowadays, it is even overcoming their not a few known sister brands Victoria 's Secret and La senza.

Why Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works provides a perfect way of pampering for sophisticated women and affords them the best for developing their own beauty and pleasure of a luxury lifestyle. High quality products dominanting in an interior help with building creativity and add a depth to the room. They dulcify common rituals and with their uniqueness bring peace and calm atmosphere. The company works only with natural ingredients and cooperates just with famous perfumers. Following the latest trends and the freshest news, it creates a perfect world of fragrances for body and home.

Written about Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works has high ratings in journal charts worldwide. It collaborates with PETA and the statement " The finished product not tested on animals " is certified symbol of a quality. Satisfied customers appreciate not only the top quality and originality of products, but also a price appertaining to them. Beauty and fashion blogs boast with articles about the Bath & Body Works and many of their campaignes includes famous faces. 

"All those haul videos made by American bloggers, who always buy scented candles, shower gels... it is simply impossible to resist it when you are there." (http://nightowlsdaily.blogspot.sk/2013/08/bath-body-works-candles.html)

"I especially like the smell of the “Chocolate fudge pudding”, but it smells so luxurious, that after buying I would still have a craving for chocolate." (http://plum-foolery.blogspot.sk/2011/09/jak-provonet-pokoj-aneb-i-dont-need.html)

"I have worked there for a year and would recommend all products to my friends." (http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Bath-and-Body-Works-Reviews-E13902.htm)

Bath & Body Works in Europe

Unfortunately, the brand has not many stores in Europe, because the parent company is based in America. It is difficult to get their products and therefore they are very rare on a market . CouCou provides to customers the opportunity to obtain their products and then let yourself and your home work extraordinary :)

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