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Herrera Aqua by Carolina Herrera

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Designer house Carolina Herrera represents a leading position in the world of perfumes and fashion. Carolina Herrera was born in Venezuela in the capital Caracas. She was born in 1939. The fashion world was introduced to her by her prominent grandmother who took her, in the age of 13, on a tour of Balenciaga in Paris. At age of 18 she married Guillermo Behrens Tella with whom he has two daughters. Their marriage however did not last long and they got divorced.

Life and the beginnings of Carolina Herrera

Carolina got married again to Reinaldo Herrera Guevara in 1968 in Caracas . Also they gave birth to two daughters. In 1972, Carolina appeared on the International List of Best Dressed People which passed her to the Hall of Fame in 1980. It launched her career and slowly became well known due to her fashion designs. In 1980 was held her first fashion show with  then young starting fashion model, Iman. In that same year was founded the company in New York carrying her name Carolina Herrera. The company slowly became successful for its simple and imaginative cuts and gradually the brand has become a pioneer in the world of perfumes.

Carolina Herrera and the world of fragrances

The first perfume for women made ​​by Carolina Herrera appeared on the market in 1988 with the name Carolina Herrera. Gradually, in cooperation with various parfum houses Caralina Herrera created popular fragrances for women and men. Carolina Herrera currently has on its account around 57 perfumes. One of the favorites has become Herrera Aqua for men.

Why Herrera Aqua?

In 2004, a combined heads of Carlos Benaim and Jean-Marc Chaillan created a remarkable, fresh scent for men. Herrera Aqua is one of the aromatic aquatic fragrance which are characterized by ease and unboundedness of the sea. Aromatic-aquatic nature have got predominantly men's fragrances. They are popular among men who love life and stand out from the crowd by their spontaneousness and charm. Herrera Aqua is inspired by water which comes off the title. Water is a unbound, vibrant, refreshing and relaxing element at the same time. Advertisement of this perfume was filmed in Miami Beach and a model became charismatic  David Gandy. The advert represents a carefree summer days in connection with the sun and water.

What is Aqua Herrera like and what it contains

Top: bergamot, tangerine peel, bamboo leaves and fig petals

Heart: french lavender, cardamom, neroli, rosemary and white pepper

Base: musk, amber, vetiver and tonka bean

At the beginning Herrera Aqua opens up with sweet notes and they gradually vaporise into spicy perfume ingredients and continue into fresh, not heavy but distinct, unique fragrance. This whole composition produces almost addictive character and is suitable for men of any age and for any occasion. Its strength and beauty will be appreciated by the female gender.

What are the views on Herrera Aqua?

"... a solid, unique scent, holds about 8 hours ..."
"... nice, permanent, well-balanced and versatile ..."
"My favorite fragrances all in one. Silage, durability, composition ... I love it."
"A great scent! Durable all day. Might be simple, discrete but also calling for attention of women. Excellent!"
"Nice, aquatic fragrance. Introductory notes are sharp and spicy but then settles into a permanent refreshing experience. If you prefer aquatic smell then you might want one such as Herrera Aqua ..."

Already scarce Herrera Aqua

As with many other fragrances also Herrera Aqua had to say goodbye to their production and free up the place for new scents. In early 2013 it gradually stopped appearing on the shelves of perfumeries and started to leave the market. CouCou still has suppliers who have Herrera Aqua on stock and therefore we can still deliver this unique fragrance to our customers ...


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