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Soap & Glory

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Sophisticated name, eye catching design, irresistible scents and thought-through philosophy.... I present to you Soap & Glory -  one of the young British cosmetic brands that addresses cosmetic fans in several countries. CouCou wants to ensure to bring again a unique and niche cosmetics to people who want to differentiate. Let's look at what Soap & Glory is and why it's becoming so popular....

The beginnings of the Soap and Glory brand

In 2006, the first Soap & Glory collection emerged named "Clean of England" which was intended for men. Founder, Marcia Kilgore, was a businesswoman who had passion in body care products. Marcia wanted to bring to the UK cosmetic market interesting, quality cleaning products. Due to her dedication she is in considered a reputable cosmetic expert  who understands needs of the body and skin. It is no wonder as she is the founder of the popular Bliss Spa brand and beloved and comfortable shoes FitFlop. She also used her business experiences at the birth of Soap & Glory and brought to market affordable and quality products which lighten up any bathroom.

Who is Marcia Kilgore

She was born in Canada and when she was 18 year old she moved to New York. As easly as 8 year old she first come into contact with cosmetics when her sister plucked eyebrows into thin strips. As a teenager she began to have problems with acne so she started to look into the skin care. When she was 26 she opened her salon which started to be visited by stars like Christy Turlington, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz and others. Her services were not cheap and despite that her network of  salons was expandeding. In 2004 she moved from New York to London where she currently lives with her French husband and two children. After the birth of her first son Marcia did not want to return to the service sector. A new idea struck her about ​​creating a new brand that would be available and affordable. And so in 2006 she created Soap & Glory where she utilised her knowledge from the world of beauty.

Soap and Glory? Successful rookie

Soap & Glory scored at the beginning with a lip gloss which is now iconic. "Sexy Mother Pucker" became popular for its magnifying formulas that adds fullness to the lips. Shortly afterward their body butter "Righteous Butter" was elected as the best British body butter. Righteous Butter is enriched with shea butter and aloe vera to moisturize the skin. "Make Yourself Youthful" anti-aging peptide serum obtained a gold star at the beauty contest The Times beauty awards. Soap & Glory has placed the bar very high and every single product that followed was even greater.

Soap & Glory scents and reviews

Currently, Soap & Glory has in its portfolio decorative cosmetics, cleaning products for face, creams for different skin types and different problems. Their offer is so wide that every woman will find her product out there. We try to introduce the most popular scents of the body line:

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush - fresh , spicy and irresistible. It is an energetic blend of lime, lemon, tangerine, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil.

Said about Sugar Crush: "Totally awesome ! I got hooked on Sugar Crush! I feel beautiful when I use the scrub, shower gel and cream together. Definitely my favorite scent! I'll buy it again ..."

Soap & Glory Fruitigo - citrus, woody and fruity. A fresh blend of sweet orange oil, extract of pomelo, figs, almonds and mangoes.

Said about Fruitigo - "I am absolutely in love with this S & G fragrance! This fragrance is so fresh and sweet. I like body butter because it is not sticky or greasy on the skin. It is dense, moisturizes so well and leaves a nice matte appearance. I will buy it again and again! "

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly - mysterious and seductive. Combination of mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, patchouli and sandalwood.

Said about Mist You Madly: "The most beautiful scent ever! I'd love to drown in this fragrance. Wherever I go I am just praised. Fresh, sweet and sexy ."

Soap & Glory Original Pink - modern , fresh , floral and citrus . It is a fresh fruity blend of citrus, bergamot, lemon, orange leaf, summer roses, peaches, strawberries, flowers gardenia, jasmine, patchouli, amber and musk.

Said about Original Pink : "I love it. Fruity, girlish, flirtatious scent. Strong but not intolerable way it means that will last all day. I combine it with Righteous butter and whole morning I feel wonderfully refreshed. I agree with the other girls it would be nice to see how much remains in the bottle but that's my only criticism. It has become my heart fragrance! " 

  • Soap & Glory is not tested on animals
  • Doesn't invest money in expensive marketing and packaging and thus can focus on quality, reasonable price and their motto is "You shouldn't spend an arm and leg to moisturise one"
  • Soap & Glory thinks ecologically. Launched the campaign "2 minute rinse" which prefers showering within 120 seconds . They are afraid of global water scarcity and so intelligent way encourages its customer to shorten the time for showering saving liters of water and protect the environment.


What says Marcia - Soap and Glory founder

Marcia is a reflection of a healthy lifestyle, regularly works out, frequently drinks and eats quality food. Successful businesswoman claims: "What you do, do for love not for money. Any career that you start purely for the purpose of financial gain will eventually be miserable. Life is short so do what you love and success will follow - and if not, at least you will be happy every day." These words is the image of her works results and talk about the sensitivity with which Marcia works in creating her brand Soap & Glory .

I personally find Marcie's thinking and philosophy and the brand Soap & Glory very sympathetic. I already have ordered a few products of this brand so you can expect a review soon...

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